Plot bunny: Dumbledor and flitwicks summermishap

hi guys.
so i got a plotbunny for you all.
dumbledor and flitwick got much younger in the 3th thinking it could have happened kinda like this.....dumbledor and flitwick try to make a potion/transfigoration and charm combo...for what ever reason...might have been boredom....and it goes wrong...big time! they get younger.....i imagine a BIG boom and a cross Mcgonagale and an unimpressed Snape.....maybe the castle could be inhabited for a while (maybe why harry got to stay in diagon ally rather then hogwarts)

hope someone gets an idea from this...really wonna read it
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Harry & Ron Friendship

Hi everyone :D

I had an idea for a Harry & Ron friendship fic set during Goblet of Fire.

I think it would be interesting to see how they would have made up, if the first and second task were switched, so that Harry and Ron were still fighting when Harry had to rescue Ron from the Black Lake.

Basically, just Ron's reaction to still being the person Harry would miss the most, despite them not being the best of friends at the time, and them making up because of that.


You know those fanfic challenges where you write a ship based on another couple? For example, (I read a lot of Dramione, so that's what my examples will be) I've read stories that had Draco and Hermione based on Peter Pan and Wendy, Romeo and Juliet, and Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

My challenge is for someone to write a Viktor/Hermione fic based on Khal Drogo and his Khaleesi, Daenerys (or Dany) from Game of Thrones. I will admit that I haven't seen GoT, but I've seen a lot of posts related to Khaleesi and decided to do some digging.

From what I've read about them, this pairing is romantic in a way that SCREAMS Viktor/Hermione. There's the huge, scary guy that everyone thinks is a brute but is gentle with his woman, and there's a girl who kind of lacks confidence blossoming into a badass who fights for the oppressed. THIS. IS. THEM.

1) Length doesn't matter.
2) Prefer M to NC-17 rating (I love me some smut.)
3) I would prefer Viktor doesn't die like Drogo does. I haven't even seen the show, but the WIKI gave me enough feels to rip out my heart.
4) Incorporate Drogo and Dany's names for each other. He calls her "moon of my life." She calls him "my sun and stars."
5) I LOVE happy endings.
6) PLEASE link your story to me if you pick up this plot bunny
It seems like it would be awesome!
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Hi there.

Just thought I'd introduce myself briefly before having a good look through all the plot bunnies.

My name is Caffre, and I use to write a lot (more for my own amusement than anything else lol), then a good few years ago I just lost the will to write.

Well, now I have the will, I'm just looking for a direction. I love Harry Potter and I thought I'd start with that.

I'm looking to write a Harry/Dudley story, set during the holidays, and that's pretty much all I have at the moment.

Nice to meet you all

Caffre x
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Two Sirius bunnies

Marauders Era
Pairing: Any
The Black family use the Imperius Curse to bring Sirius in line. Remus, James, and Peter realize something is wrong and uncover the truth.

Marauders Era
Pairing: Sirius/Other
Sirius' parents set up a date for him with a girl from a respectable pureblood family, as a precursor to a possible arranged marriage. He's dead set to hate her and make sure it goes disastrously. But it turns out that she's actually nice and smart and not a snob. She's likewise surprised about him.
Must have his motorcycle in it.
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A few bunnies


1.) Pre-Hogwarts. Write a fic about wizarding pre-school, kindergarten or elementary school. Possible scenes: a fight between lil' Won and lil' Dwaco, Neville having a crush on Padma, etc...

2.) Cross-over. Place Harry and classmates in the Battle Royale competition. You can replace them with characters from the manga (Harry as Shuuya, Ron as Yoshi, Hermione or Ginny as Noriko, Draco as Kazuo, Pansy as Mitsuko, etc...) or not follow the original story at all. In any way, this should be really fun to write.


3.) Draco Malfoy has always gotten everything he wants – after all, he's got his father's name and money to influence people with! But what happens, when someone he cares about isn't affected by those things? After some time, Draco comes to realize that there's one thing money can't buy – love.

4.) Humor. Lord Voldemort is furious that nothing is happening in the war. They can't seem to harm the good side at all – but what's weird is, that the good side isn't doing any damage to them either! He decides to investigate things, and finds out that nearly all the Death Eaters have a lover in the Order! This makes him positively enraged, until something surprising happens... (Harry/Voldemort)

Tell me if you're taking any, I'd like to read them when they're finished. ;)

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Searching for a short drama one-shot!

Hi! I'm in a desperate need of a plot bunny and was really glad to stumble upon this great community.
So... My situation is this. I'm writing a longer fic but am stuck. To get my writing mood back on, I need a nice, simple one-shot to write.
I'm feeling up for some drama, horror or adventure, but please, keep it short! It can contain romance, that's up to you!
Any character is fine, but preferably no next gen. characters....
Thanks a lot in advance!!

Introducing myself

Hey all! I'm Kitty, new to the plot bunny community here. I am in DESPERATE need for a plot bunny. I've written 24 short fics, and I wanna do a long one, but I've exhausted my bunnies to the point of collapsing, lol. I'm looking to do a Draco/Ginny one, either during Hogwarts or post-Hogwarts, romance of course. Um... I don't think there are any other particulars other than that that I would want for it, so if you have any spare bunnies, lemme know! >^.^
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(no subject)

Summary: Peter has been spotted and reported alive, and Sirius has been cleared of all charges. As a free man, he starts teaching as the new DADA teacher. But what happens when he starts seeing a certain student for extra “Tutoring” WIP
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